What’s the difference between the best me and my worst me?

It’s called a blog.


Why the hell not?

Bullshit reasons aside, just read through this post and find out more.

Some context

I’ve hit my rock bottom. In 2005 I met a girl who became my partner in crime and we set out to conquer the world together. Six years of cliché romantic comedy/porno ensues.

I started getting promoted at work, building an audience with my blog and things were getting better and she left me in 2011 the same year we intended to get married.

This destroyed me.

I lost my confidence, my career, the savings, shattered my faith, my purpose and most of everything else I worked hard for in the six years we were together.

My life was filled with self doubt and second guessing which attracted people who intend to take advantage of me.

I tried to win her back for two years. I failed. She got married, I sank even further.

I spent the whole of 2015 trying to recover.

I got good at my job.

I fixed my posture.

I started exercising.

I began to eat healthy.

I got my finances back on track.

I became strict with getting enough sleep.

I went after my dream of creating a portable income source.

I’m getting some success in that area too.

I was reading through my old blog and told my friend about how different my past self is from my current self.

My 2016 self had the results but my 2011 self had the attitude.

If you were to compare the two versions of myself both envy each other.

As I got to read more of my old posts, I felt my confidence trickle back and so did my energy and I’m writing this post right now. 

I also took note that the depression had stopped affecting me since I started writing this post.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Blog:

1. Motivate your future self.

If you write genuinely about what your purpose, vision and ideals are, your future self can go back in time to receive your message.

It’s like sending a Terminator into the future to assist me but instead of living tissue over metal endoskeleton I get a software update for my mind that kills my self doubts, gives me clarity, perspective, confidence and energy.

2. Track how far you’ve improved.

You can’t compare yourself with anyone but yourself.

If you blog, you have a way of reflecting on how you’ve improved and make adjustments accordingly.

3. Refine your thoughts philosophy and strategy.

We generate and digest a combination of good ideas and bad ones.

In order to be in control, we can take what is useful and discard what is useless.

Over time we have some lists of ideas that work and doesn’t work that we can refer to later.

4. Hold yourself accountable.

Did I keep my promises?

Did I accomplish my goals?

Yeah, some of it.

I won a few and failed at the others.

I got all my gadget goals but failed to marry the girl in the intro story.

Yeah that sucks. Next objective will be written and inspected in the future.

5. Improve your communication.

My 2016 self and my 2011 self are worlds apart when it comes to communication.

I found at least ten typing errors, incomplete thoughts and things that didn’t make sense in each of the blog posts I review.

I’ll have to go back and correct each of that.

As I write and revisit an idea, I often discover a better way of saying what I mean because I consistently ask myself “How can I say it better?”

Over time I got really effective.

6. Establish credentials.

Having your thoughts in writing helps establish facts about you.

You have ideas, many of them aren’t that good but some are.

Some will be discarded, some will be smart, some will be useful and some will make you happy.

These are things that have value and can remind you of your value on your darkest days. 

Oh yeah, and people often see you as an expert because ordinary people do not practice documentation of the results of their self experiments and what they learned.

7. Your brings out better versions of yourself.

Because a person can visit a website that has your writing in it, you are now officially a public figure.

Now you have a good reason to act as if you’re successful already. People look to you for what to do, for ideas, for inspiration.

If often starts with one reader (in my case that’s the girl in the story) now I have ten thousand visitors a month on all my blogs.

Just so you know. I’m not perfect, far from it.

What I’m trying to say is with my blog, I have the opportunity to put my best foot forward and take another step if my bad side shows and another step to bring my best back because after all it’s both my feet.

8. It helps you discover your talents.

Some of the things you try will work and some won’t.

The blog can be a logbook of your personal experiments. It showed mine.

Some were embarrassing and some were amazing.

9. It connects you to people.

People can find you on the Internet.

You can share to people that you meet what you write about and if they’re interested in the same thing then you’re automatically closer.

I’ve been able to meet so many people simply because I introduced myself as a blogger.

Blogging got me jobs, made me friends, I’ve connected to strangers, answered questions and made dozens of new friends.

10. Do the same thing for your loved ones.

If I could send a message back in time to my past self, I’d tell him to start a blog for important relationships in my life.

I’m amazed at how my past self had reached me, got me my confidence, my strong unshakable belief in myself, my passion and energy.

I would do one for my partner to remind her how much I love her the same thing for my mom, my younger brother and my future kid so I can leave instructions and lessons in case I die sooner than I intended.

I can give them better versions of myself, and conduct myself with them as my best version.

The me without self doubt.

The me that can get things done.

The me that never backs down.

The me that wins.

The me that takes defeat intelligently and gracefully.

A quick note to myself:

Dear present Kevin,

Keep writing.

You already know why.


Kevin of May 2016

A quick note for you:

Dear Reader,

Start a blog.

Follow my instructions.

Get the benefits.

Your future self will thank you.

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Much love,

Kevin of May 2016

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