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I’m from the Philippines and we just had our election. This is one of the posts that I’m sure is not for everyone, but I’ll write it anyway. Frankly, I’m disappointed because the situation hasn’t improved and people don’t really care what happens to the country.  Save a small group of people, everyone else seems to be apathetic about the situation. As long as they are unaffected by negative changes, most people don’t care. I have to admit. Listening to election speeches sure got me excited. I don’t know about you but have you ever experienced being promised something bit later on realized that sweet words were said to you simply because the person needed your support at the moment?

We go through life supporting these kinds of individuals these are the Politicians, Educational System, Marketing from big companies, etc. I’m not naive. I just believe that some people want to change things for the better. I’ve met several of them. I also learned from the experience that it doesn’t matter who leads. Most people are not going to care anyway. All the time I was complaining I forgot that people like you and me can change the world and are fully capable to do so.

There are several ways to change the world. Its just that we cant reach everybody. You might say it’s pretty big talk but its up to you. I believe things can change. It might take time but we can change the world. We don’t need to change everyone. We just need to change ourselves. You can form your own strategy. My strategy is to change myself and inspire others to change as well. Its not easy but it’s very simple.

  1. Apply a minimalist lifestyle-This is the first and most important step because when you are free you really have a choice and applying a minimalist lifestyle is the way to get freedom using the least resources. Live on less. Try the 100 Things challenge.
  2. Focus on the important – We really don’t need a lot. What will make us happy is just an important few. Work on that.
  3. Learn to say “No”- Everyone wants us to do something. We say yes too quickly because we want to please everyone. I believe that you are God’s channel of blessing and inspiration. Please be responsible with your powers and make sure you take care of the important people to you first before your friends or job. Teach them that you are not saying no to offend them. You are saying no for the people important to you.
  4. Free up your budget – Having problems about not having enough cash to go for what matters? Free up your budget by trading the unimportant for the important. Click here for suggestions.
  5. Free up your schedule-Not enough time. I bet you’re spending time somewhere else. If thats the case, find out if what you’re doing is really important. Time is more important than cash. If you lose time you can’t get it back. Look for ways to free up your time. The good news is same principles for freeing up cash can for freeing up your time.
  6. Live the kind of life that you want to inspire others to have – People wont believe you unless you had results. Results never lie and as bad as it may sound people do judge what you say based on what you have. I’m not talking about stuff. I’m talking about the quality of life. I’ts different for everyone but eventually people who like what you have will see you and want to have what you have. The best part is when they see you living their dream life, you actually proved that it’s possible for them. Lead by example. One of my heroes Everette Bogue wrote about this. Click here to read it.
  7. Use Minimal changes-Free yourself up bit by bit. Change takes time. Learn to be patient.
  8. Use what you have – You don’t need to buy anything to have a great life. You already have a lot of things. In fact maybe you have too much and would need less. This is the best way for you to practice your problem solving skills.
  9. Do what you can – There are a lot of things we can’t do yet. If we are faithful with the small things we can do great things. Start changing your life by doing what you can. I started with the small things and learned how to apply my powers effectively. You can too if you do what you can.
  10. Enjoy the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle – Although our purpose is that we are put here to do great things, we must not forget to stop and enjoy the fruit of our work. When I was a workaholic. I never enjoyed my results because I didn’t enjoy my results. As soon as I had achieved a goal, a new and bigger goal took its place. I just kept adding goals to my list. 5 years of doing so lead to hopelessness and burnout. When you achieve a goal, celebrate and take a moment to be grateful with the results. Take some time to dwell on it.
  11. Inspire others – No need to convince people. Just live your life. If you followed the steps above this part should be easy.
  12. Expect slow growth –  Things take time. Share your story when people ask you what you did, tell them. Offer suggestions when asked. Teach remarkable people. Always remember that you only need to change yourself and when people see the benefit they will act if its for them. Never force people. Focus on working on yourself.  The rest will follow.

If you change your habits, you can change your self.

If you change your self, you can change your results.

If you change your results, you can change others.

A changed life is the best testimony that can stir a change in direction.

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