Here’s my wish list for 2011. If you’re feeling generous, you can get me or help me get the following items. If you do so, it would make me very happy.

  • MacBook Air.- I prefer the 11 inch model.
  • Vibram Five Finger Shoes. -you can get me the classic, blue an white or the KSO. Any of the two colors will do.
  • Large NIV, NASB or the Message Bible
  • Portable Hard Drive or Large Capacity USB flash drive.
  • Really nice notebooks - The Paper Kind. I like the ones by mead especially the new five star plastic-front fat lil notebook. I'll also take the large ones.
  • iPod Touch wall charger - for Ish.

These are the only few items I’d like to add to my list of 100 things. I’m already content with what I have and I wouldn’t want to add anymore stuff. Anything else might be useless because I’m pretty content with my current stuff. I’m also waiting to see if it would be worth it to purchase the next generation iPhone or iPad. Although I you want to give me your old one I’m very much willing to accept it.

If you’re not going to give me a MacBook Air, iPad or iPhone or those groovy Vibram Five Finger shoes. Here are some great ideas that would make me really happy.

  • Treat me for lunch or dinner - lets catch up over food or if you're new here, introduce yourself and let's grab something to eat. I wouldn't mind if you pay. :)
  • If you don't have a budget, join me for lunch or dinner - I also don't mind going Dutch on eating out.
  • Invite me to your house for coffee, tea or food- Revenge is a dish best served cold. Wait that's not what I wanted to say but I think you get the idea.
  • Have dinner at our house - If you're up to heading to where I am then come right over and visit. Let me know first so I can prepare food. Pizza is accepted.
  • Help me write an article for one of my blogs - Give me ideas, read an article. Point our a grammar or typo error or...
  • Hang out with me anywhere to share thoughts and or catch up. - The truth is food is optional.
  • Take me to where you're traveling. - I don't think I need to explain myself here.
  • Retweet this - so a person with a spare (item above can donate one of the items I want)

Gifts are just objects. We can skip the rest. I just want to see you. It’s either that or I’ll take the above items from you. Merry Christmas everyone.

What’s on your wishlist? 20111213-182004.jpg