Minimal Changes is a blog, a website, a small library that’s intended for you to be quiet place for you to think, ask questions and try to improve your situation on your own.

Minimal Changes is built by Kevin Olega to make his experiences, stories, lessons and writings available for your use.

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Hello and welcome.

My name is Kevin Olega and I wrote collection of articles, stories and experiences I wrote on a bus to document my share personal growth which I describe as Minimal Changes.

To my friends, I’m a go-to guy for advice on problems and a wide range of topics that include: simplifying life, being efficient, finding work, saving money, picking a place to live, dating and relationships, personal protection, etc.

I write here to make my experience and skills freely available for you even if I’m not available to teach you personally.

The story so far My past self is a consumerist workaholic zombie pack-rat who spent big money collecting a useless stuff, and went to work with at least five bags.

Traveling Packrat

Nah this is from my travel to Malaysia but I looked pretty close to this a few years back.

I was obsessed about “getting results really fast” because I wanted to improve my situation and keep up with people I tagged as “successful”.

To start I read a lot of business books and “success coaches” and I found out that they insist that: I need a long term plan to get rich, then fast track to success.

I don’t buy that anymore.

I got bored with a super fast-paced life and despite not being a guaranteed way to succeed, I decided to move at my pace just make things fun and simple.

My Minimal Change start where I am, use what I have do what I can, move forward. do things slowly make improvements to be efficient little by little.

It turned out better for me than trying to rush my way into the fast track.

After slowing down, taking a long hard look at my life, I dropped all my side projects, stopped accepting offers, lived with less than 100 things, changed directions and went for:

  • a Location Independent Minimalist lifestyle is freedom by having less of the unimportant so I have more room for what matters to me.
  • Financial Freedom happened when I got out of debt, spend less than I earn, have savings while I grew my income.
  • Slow and permanent growth. It’s different when you grow at your own pace and not just chasing after unnecessary, urgent deadlines all the time.

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