When trying to achieve something that might require other people’s approval (i.e. interviews, courtship, etc.), we tend to put our best foot forward. The approving party generally complain that in a lot of cases, the best foot is very temporary and the bad side gets revealed shortly after.

What if you work on having your best foot apply to both your feet?

Being able to put your best foot forward once means that you already have those traits within you. Sure, we sometimes pretend to be confident to be confident then our bad side is revealed as we take another step.

The solution is you put your best foot forward again as if you’re walking. You only have two feet. Bad side and best foot. The good thing is that you can train your bad side to be like your best foot. They’re both your feet and do not have to drastically differ from each other.

Don’t just stand there and default to your bad side. Move forward.