We get used to doing something and sometimes get stuck there even if we learn better ways to work. Habits are known to be powerful and habits change slowly.

When we follow a new set of rules, it’s a good idea to trust that it will work and have faith that it will be carried out. Whatever mistakes or frustrations at the beginning are simply parts of the learning and not just an excuse to give up.

I remember a time when I was a hoarder and a workaholic and I didn’t enjoy the results I had then I followed a new set of rules which started with minimalist practices I learned from Leo of Zen Habits an his other site mnmlist while starting apply what I learned from bible study and I was able to get the results I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong life still has challenges for me despite that, the results and the situations don’t bother me as much as it did back then. There’s also peace as I lose things I’m initially super attached to which I couldn’t explain up to now. I’ll probably do so I’m the future. At this point I realized that not making those changes would make my life miserable but at the time I made my change, I was telling myself that if I make these changes, I’ll make my life miserable. In the end my past self was proven wrong and my new experience is that the new set of rules worked better than my old set of rules.

Here are a few tips for following a new set of rules:

  1. Start small vs biting more than you can chew.
  2. Know that it will take time to learn and you’ll make mistakes and that’s okay vs beating yourself up every time you make a mistake.
  3. Do it but don’t take it too seriously vs not taking action and dwelling about it in your head forever.
  4. Make it a game vs scaring yourself to death by imagining life and death situations.
  5. Look for ways to enjoy as you learn vs complaining.
  6. Keep doing small improvements vs growing exponentially.

Are you also trying out a new set of rules? What’s your experience?