Having mentors is a good opportunity but you also have to learn to let them go and do things on your own - Kevin Olega

Don’t Learn from a Church, Seminar, Blog, or how to book, seven days a week.

It is recommend that people go to church once a week. More than twice seems like a bad idea if you don’t work there.

If you’re doing work that matters to you and you’re aiming to do something, doing something requires that you act, do things right or learn from a mistake, and make progress and that’s about the short of it. Learning is a great experience, you can pickup useful techniques, skills, strategies and correct course. Learning is best gained through experience not by reading or watching or listening. Learning is by doing.

A correction because you messed up after making a mistake, in my experience is more efficient than reading a book or listening to advice to prepare for it. Everything has a time and place. I presume that you have learned something about what you’re trying to do and you’re probably executing already. Keep going and fix things as you go.

You can’t learn everything from a written instruction or a lecture all the time.

You have to act.

This does not mean that you need to ditch church, books, blogs and other avenues of learning. I’m just saying you don’t need to obsess over it everyday. You have work to do.

Your local church leader would welcome you everyday if you came there but wouldn’t want you there everyday. How would you feed yourself? Would you rather be the one contributing or the one receiving donations? There’s a reason why church service is on a Sunday and there’s sometimes just an extra couple of hours of bible study a week.

Productivity, skill, efficiency books, blogs do the same thing. You got everything they can possibly offer and just spend time reading their materials. Get to work. You won’t get rich reading and memorizing think and grow rich everyday. You can’t be good at leadership reading john maxwell everyday, talking to people reading dale carnegie, be a minimalist reading zen habits or learn what you want to learn reading my blog. You just have to get to work. That’s it.

I wanted to write original posts along the same topics of Leo, Ev, Colin, Seth, and all the remarkable people I admire. Find my voice and build my own niche. Reading everyday gave me less time to think and write. For practice or for a totally awesome post. Reading everyday lets me see my ideas be written by someone else. Copywright? Not a chance. I wanted to write something but blogger wrote about something along the same lines of what I wanted to write and explained it really well. what do i do next? Usually nothing. Do I police bloggosphere and write posts nobody has ever written yet? Keep taps on a few million wordpress based blogs? If I don’t read as often I’ll get more work done and if by any chance me and a blogger wrote along the same lines of a certiain topic. we’ll both have a clear conscience of not copying each other. both are totally original.

The one who works is you not your pastor, not John Maxwell, not me not anybody but you. Your brain and your hands. Remember in school? Read, Discuss, Practice, Test, Evaluation Repeat. Dont’ get stuck in read and discuss.

I spent the first five years of my life being a copy expert. I can learn and copy anything I see. I spent the last two years remixing and developing what I have. I’m now working on my own with my thoughts on the matter. I write usually about experience or a story about implementing certain things I’ve learned. How about you? What are your own thoughts on the matter?