And to think I used to be such a shy bastard.

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When I started college, I didn’t know what course to pick. I didn’t know what career path to follow. I didn’t know what kind of life I want. Like everyone else at my level back then I let my parents decide.

I can’t remember what the situation was but I got this advice from my half-sister. We didn’t talk much so I remembered her advice pretty well since its the only actual conversation I remember.

Here’s the advise:

“If you’re having trouble deciding where you want to go, try listing down what you’re good at and note which ones you like while trying things out and chose from there.”

My list at age 16-17

I liked writing

I liked talking to people

I liked drawing

I liked martial arts ( I liked fighting but I don’t enjoy hurting people)

I liked adding new skills to my list.

At that age I never realized that the advice would get me to where I am today. I started with a job in sales and was eventually invited by different companies to work for them. I landed a gig in a training school. I got mentored by successful people in sales, marketing, business development, people development and website creation. I also have been blessed to acquire a whole bunch of skills and trainings at a young age.

Later on I realized that it’s not the course you took in the university that will bring you where you want to go. You can just use what you have right now.

Where I am right now, I’m confident I can make any business flourish, help people figure out solutions to their problems, get any job if I need to and teach you how to do the same.

Here’s how to get Started.

  • Write a list of things you are good at.- Write as many as you can my first list included kicking ass and battlefield strategies.
  • Pick what you enjoy doing.
  • Write a list of accomplishments.
  • Write a list of positive adjectives about yourself and think of a story to correspond with it.
  • Write a list of failures.-then write a list of life lessons.
  • Write a list of weaknesses – now you have a list of areas to improve on.
  • Write a list of jobs you took – now write a list of things you can contribute to others as a result of taking on those jobs.

My advice:

Use what you have and do what you can, then package it in a way that it can contribute to others. Then you’ll never worry about getting clients or finding a gig.

Let me know how this post was able to help you.

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