Every time I feel  stuck with whatever I’m doing, I try my best to declutter. I try to keep things as clean as possible. I also try my best to lighten up by removing things I don’t need to free up the physical space and the space in my head. Every item we have has an effect. I have a tendency to fill up on things when I get excited then things get overwhelming. I try my best to reduce my possessions and strip things down to the essentials as much as I can. The purpose of the activity is not to stay small  but to play big.

I used to rely on my limited amount of willpower to focus. When this fails I just do my best to change my environment to shift my focus.

In my experience a clean space encourages clarity and with clarity focus is almost effortless.

With focus you can get things done.

Productivity junkies and tool creators advocate multitasking and preach being able to do “everything” if you buy their tool or book or seminar.

The truth is you can already do that for free.

Just clean up.

Get started.

Use simple tools.

Be creative.

Get things out of the way then you’re good to go.