I used to want a TV Station. I sort of run an indie publishing gig online but actually having a full fledged media house maybe too much for me.

Ever since I started scribbling thoughts into a small notebook, typing them into an iPod touch or on my small laptop and blogging, I’ve been interested in blogging about a range of different topics. Ralph told me I might end up like Gawker Media.

Gawker media has multiple blogs that covers different topics. Gawker’s blogs include: Gawker - a gossip column. Lifehacker - productivity tips and downloads. Gizmodo - tech and gadgets. Jalopnik - cars Io9 - scifi and fantasy. Kotaku - games and anime.

I wanted to do the same thing and I’d like to start writing about it.

Here’s the direction I’ll be going in so far: I still don’t have plans to monetize my blogs and everything you see right here is fully funded by me for my personal enjoyment and I’m just leaving it open for sharing. You can drop in and out anytime you like.

On Minimal Changes: I'll continue to write tips, stories and inspirational stuff about how I change, try to change, and want to change. I'm practicing a minimalist approach because it makes sense for me and I value other things over stuff. So ways new? I figure I'm writing mostly about what I did (past) and the changes that I want (future) and it contains the kind of voice of who I'd like to become in the future. In the past few days, I've been thinking of where to blog anonymously, random thoughts, questions, inspiration I got from the Bible and many more. I feel like what I'm doing to minimal changes is writing about solutions for friends so I don't have to explain in person. I feel the need to be who I am more in my blog and I'd like to observe the changes more as time goes by so whether you like it or not I'd be publishing more of the personal stuff I write here on minimal changes.

On Philippine Island Living:

You’ll find stories about travel, food, experiences and opportunities in the Philippines. I’ll be writing more there as well.

I’m also building a site with call center training tips to help some friends get hire in a call center. It is my first topic specific blog so please bear with me.

Then again things may change but for now this is the plan so far. I hope you enjoy this change I’m making.

What are you up to?