The sign reminds me of someone I wanted to visit. :)

On my way back, I thought about how I was just enjoying the ride. My workaholic self butted in and said I should maximize the trip. I should write something, listen to something, study something, read something, do something. Anything!

I said chill. It responded with make the most of your situation.

What does it mean by making the most of the situation? Is it the decision and action to cram as much as you can in every little thing or just working with what you got?

I pull out my pen and start writing. All these came naturally. I still don’t know the answer. The thing is I’m just happy where I am and I’m in no rush to know. That’s my experience lately. It may change and I’m in no rush to change it.

Whatever it is I want to achieve, I’ll act anyway and I know that for a fact. So I don’t think its a good idea to get all worked up about it since things will get done. Now I can go back to enjoying my ride.