Here are some philosophies that I adapted as I began writing for minimal changes.

Use what you have, do what you can.

Start with the smallest step.

Use entry level tools and upgrade as you go.

Do today well.

The things that make me happy are the same things that made me happy back in high school.

Anything you need to know can be learned.

Goals are broken down into tasks, skills, techniques, moves, steps.

Be you.

Today’s tragedies are tomorrows comedies.

No matter how bad things get, life is in a constant state of flow and change.

Play life like a game.

Be happy with 96%. If you relax, you get 96% of the output of your max effort result effortlessly.

Keep your goals a secret.

Small goals allow you no excuse to fail.

Time is more valuable than money.

If you feel that you’re wasting time but having fun, you are not wasting your time.

Happy, smart, useful.

Slow thinking.

Write a question about your problem then go to sleep. You can actually death-note your subconsious mind into finding answers.

It is for my benefit.

Not in conflict.

Chaos and harmony.

This is what it looks like.

Happiness is required to achieve higher skill level.

Not serious. Be sincere instead of serious. Put in a gentle focus and playful effort instead of your maximum effort. The performance boost is only 4% and is not worth it.

Love and power.

The opposite is also true.

Can swing both ways.

Internal reflects external.

Fasting patience.

Apply kindness to yourself.

Lack of resources means lack of focus or priorities.


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