Clay Swordfight One on One is not just for fighting. Post written by Kevin Olega. Follow me on twitter. How to Deal with Life’s Multiple Attackers In Martial arts when one reaches a certain skill level he or she learns how to deal with multiple attackers and the concept scares a lot of people because of the dangers involved and it’s just too unrealistic. I believe that things are different only in your mind. I also realized that what I learned from my old master is the same principles we can use to deal with life’s multiple attackers also called life’s challenges. They seem to all come at you at the same time and trouble hits us when we are not prepared for it so we need to keep preparing. 1. Our ability to deal with multiple attackers increase as we increase our ability to control ourselves Example 1: Our ability to not loose our cool and resolve the conflict without fighting. Example 2:Our ability to apply a technique with the right amount of force at the right situation. 2. Our ability to have them attack in a certain way that is in our favor as we take note of their distance and speed.It means we can line them up in a way that the one in front of you is the closest attacker and he is in the way of the one behind him. If you can’t then defeat the one closest to you. Then take out the next one and the next one until you finished all of them. Remember: Multi-tasking is BS and will get you killed in a real fight. Assess the situation. Prioritize targets. Take out your opponents one by one. Discipline to single-task is the key. Now that I’ve scared you I have to tell you the truth. This may or may not work. The good news is life’s challenges are not a life and death situations and all setbacks are temporary so be sure to have fun as you take the hits so next time you can take out your challenges.

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