Minimal Changes is about:

  • Personal Experiments
  • Adapting New Philosophies
  • Workouts
  • Recovery from Depression
  • Some applications of Minimalism

Current Minimal Changes

Don’t Push Past Exhaustion

I have a fantasy of myself as a warrior that will fight even if I’m the last man standing. I try to emulate real and fictional characters who never give up.

Unfortunately this has been my downfall with my current tasks. I try to do everything on my own and exhaust myself.

This had been the major formula for my failure. In workouts I try to sprint to failure. I realize that I can do more when I’m well rested. I’ve succeeded at everything I took slowly. Every major win in my life is a result of embarrasingly small progress adding up over time.

My skills are a result of attempting to cook one batch of scrambled eggs a week.

Today I deadlifted 300lbs. When I started I can barely lift the 45lb barbell. The process is just me adding 5 to 10 lbs more at each attempt and eventually I got to 300. Pretty sweet huh.


  1. Fast once a week. Every thursday, skip breakfast and have your first meal at 4pm. Use tea to curb your apetite.
  2. Do 5x5 for back squats, strict press and pull ups.


  1. I still find myself stuck scrolling through social media feeds.
  2. I sometimes miss or skip writing on the journal.
  3. I still try to do things alone when I should be delegating.
  4. I’m still experiencing issues asking for what I need. This is probably a pride issue.
  5. I recently found myself reverting to my depressed state.
  6. I fail to meditate, pray, practice gratitude, drink water, get enough sleep or do my breathing exercises.
  7. I accumulated a shitload of digital and paper clutter.

Last updated: July 16, 2017