Minimal Changes is about:

  • Personal Experiments
  • Adapting New Philosophies
  • Workouts
  • Recovery from Depression
  • Some applications of Minimalism

Current Minimal Changes


First thing in the morning and before sleeping as part of deloading. This is really important. Having things written down enables me to focus and leave things alone.

I use a modified version of the bullet journal.

  • I use a bullet to write down thoughts.
  • I use a circle to record events.
  • I use a square as a checkbox.
  • Every now and then I just write a question and fill it in.
  • I use two journals. One is for tasks and quick thoughts and the other one is for deep thoughts and my monthly planning.
  • Every now and then I ask myself the questions from the five minute journal.
  • I also write down some workout notes or good things that happend today.
  • I try to record important stuff to Day One. I’m still trying to figure this out but these work well so far.

I do my best to start my day and end my day with the journal. Hopefully this will improve my writing.

Don’t Push Past Exhaustion

I have a fantasy of myself as a warrior that will fight even if I’m the last man standing. I try to emulate real and fictional characters who never give up.

Unfortunately this has been my downfall with my current tasks. I try to do everything on my own and exhaust myself.

This had been the major formula for my failure. In workouts I try to sprint to failure. I realize that I can do more when I’m well rested. I’ve succeeded at everything I took slowly. Every major win in my life is a result of embarrasingly small progress adding up over time.

My skills are a result of attempting to cook one batch of scrambled eggs a week.

Today I deadlifted 300lbs. When I started I can barely lift the 45lb barbell. The process is just me adding 5 to 10 lbs more at each attempt and eventually I got to 300. Pretty sweet huh.


  1. Fast once a week. Every thursday, skip breakfast and have your first meal at 4pm. Use tea to curb your apetite.
  2. Do 5x5 for back squats, strict press and pull ups.


  1. I still find myself stuck scrolling through social media feeds.
  2. I sometimes miss or skip writing on the journal.
  3. I still try to do things alone when I should be delegating.
  4. I’m still experiencing issues asking for what I need. This is probably a pride issue.
  5. I recently found myself reverting to my depressed state.
  6. I fail to meditate, pray, practice gratitude, drink water, get enough sleep or do my breathing exercises.
  7. I accumulated a shitload of digital and paper clutter.

Last updated: July 16, 2017