I often find myself reading a list of ten things and trying to juggle every thing clumsily until I get it to work. I admit. Doing so is exhausting and had often led to embarrassing failure.  I always think that doing big projects involve doing more steps.

You see, I failed so much I figured I would lose nothing by doing the opposite of what I’m doing. So here’s what I tried. Whenever I read a top ten list. I just try to select one to two things to try out and just take note of the third one as a backup.  It just makes more sense. If I focus on one and I so well. I switch to the second one when I’m bored and I often do well and restart the process by the time I hit the third lesson. Whatever you can implement now is often better than the complicated often failed juggle approach. This way I get to approach things one at a time. Here are things I currently struggle with.

  1. Buying food at food stalls before going home. I need to quit this. I spend extra money and this is not within my allowed healthy food group..
  2. Shopping for items that I don’t need. I often find myself browsing olx.ph or something like that to buy stuff.
  3. Not publishing to the blog. I have possibly a thousand bits of lessons that I haven’t shared with anyone yet. It’s a big pile of papers in the house.

That said my commitment for the week are as follows. 

  1. Blog in my spare time. I can’t leave all that hard work undone. I find the writing too useful to throw away and too distracting to keep around. I genuinely need to put it out there. Someone entrusted me her android phone and now I can blog on the fly again. Please call me out if I don’t publish weekly.
  2. Attend Crossfit.  I already do this five days a week. I just avoid missing a session.
  3. Feed myself. I need to cook my meals. Whenever I don’t I eat out. Often I just buy junk food.  I spend double and I need to work out double to burn all that gunk in my body. My current default meal is broccoli, cabbage and beef.
  4. Sleep at 4pm. In order to do all that I need to get enough sleep. I’ll just need to get to sleep earlier. 

In your situation select one or two things that you need to implement now then do that. Stop reading and get started. Send me a message next week and let me know how it goes. That’s it for now.

Thank you for reading.

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