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You don’t really find someone get into a fatal accident doing crazy things. When you watch the news it’s usually some overcautious guy who ends up in situations like that.

-Ralph Domingo

I recently got several questions about how I’m able to adapt easily in difficult situations. Am I versatile? Multi-talented? Superior in any way? I tried so hard to think of an answer but the truth is I do have a hard time doing it. The question made me realize that most of the time I am afraid, I have a lot of weaknesses and I’m usually in a difficult situation or two.

After six years of attempting to live an extraordinary life led to the discovery of what I call the “principle of prolonged exposure.” The principle of prolonged exposure means that If I expose myself to fear or weakness or difficult situations long enough I’ll overcome it.

This principle I’ve realized works for me but can also work against me.

Here’s how it works for me:

If I step forward to confront a fear or a weakness or a difficult situation and take the full force of the adversity. The experience strengthens me or allows myself to adapt eventually or find a way to overcome the fear, weakness or difficult situation.

Here’s how it works against me:

If i step into it with my eyes closed or my back turned there’s a big probability that the exposure will lead me to believe that the fear, weakness, or difficult situation is permanent.That’s the bad news. Beliefs affect everything. Thoughts, words, actions, habits, character, and results are all affected. Your beliefs both right and wrong spill into every area of your life. This is the part that’s hard to fix and is almost impossible for a lot of people. You usually literally need God to fix this part for you. I know from experience what kind of damage wrong beliefs are capable of. Don’t even start collecting them.

Here’s how to make it work:

Stick to your values. What are the non negotiable’s for you. Make sure its non negotiable. Then move forward. when you’re in a cpnflict you do not need to kill or defeat your inner darkness. Befriend your fear, anger, weakness or difficult situation and it is an enemy no longer. (Doesnt mean that you follow what it tells you) When facing a fear, weakness, difficult situation run toward it instead of away from it. (Running away makes it haunt you until you confront it) Get close and embrace it then you’ll see that there is nothing really to fear, there is no weakness you can’t work with and no difficult situation that can hinder you. Seriously!

I got this quote the year before I decided to be remarkable. Six years after, I mostly forgot about the quote but had lived it when people actually consider me remarkable. The quote goes like this (changed it a bit):

Disaster is a natural part of my evolution.

Toward tragedy and dissolution,

because only by destroying myself,

can I discover the greater power of the Spirit

It’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do everything

-Tyler Durden, Fight Club (1999)

Six years later trying a lot of things, I realized that doing otherwise had led me away from my goals. It mad me realize this actually works. leaseLook at your life and I bet you know what I mean.

Please note that I know that you understand what this means. This is not an excuse for you to somoke until you drop or jump in front of a speeding bus.

This post is intended to help you face your fear, overcome your weakness, and reach your goals.

You have a brain. Now use it. Don’t be afraid to go where everyone says you’ll walk to your doom. You’re always bound to pick up a lot of usefull things when you go to hellish places. Gifts of God are usually discovered in trials of fire.

Time to take action. Look for an area in your life that you’ve been avoiding. Look at the worst possible one that you never faced before. Could be anything. Now repeat the following line

Certainty of death, small chance of success… What are we waiting for? -Gimli

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