Things I never imagined would happen to me after a year of starting a blog.

One, I have about 400-1,000 people viewing my blog per month. Two, I never imagined myself writing consistently and reaching 110+ posts on Minimal Changes.

I got two calls yesterday. One is from a Vietnamese restaurant who wanted to invite me to the grand opening of their restaurant in Alabang.

I got excited and contacted other friends to join immediately.

The other call is what got me more excited. I made a new friend who happened to enjoy reading my blog. While on the phone she read through some of the items she found on my archive. Doing so gave me the chance to go back and see how much I’ve changed since I started Minimal Changes. My first posts were long and had a lot of topics and examples and couldn’t stay on point. As my friend got excited she started reading the items aloud and kept saying she liked it. She even posted some on her facebook feed.

Looking at the thoughts I wrote from experience and the opinions I formed, I’m pretty grateful things got this far. Imagine having yourself and your best friend as your only reader? She’s my number one fan and I didn’t care that she was my only reader. I still wrote on. Then I got a comment from anothed friend saying my post was inspirational. Then more came. A lot of times my comments were silent but my traffic was growing. There’s no feedback aside from the stats save from the occasional tweets from new readers. I got my feedback mostly from my best friend and one reader. I wonder what she’s doing right now?

The reason I wrote this is because I’m also excited about what you’re starting right now. Is it crazy right now and you can’t think of a way to make it?

Guess what? I did too. Nobody became successful overnight. These things take time. Hold on. Hold my hand if you have to but stay on and stay in touch. I’ll do my best to be your support. It took me a bit over a year part time to get to this point. I’m excited about the next few years.

What are you working on right now?