I enjoy gathering tools.

When I got my iOS device it took me two days to download all the apps that I wanted and a couple of more days to pick the ones worth keeping.

Now, my iOS device now looks like a swiss army knife.

There are a lot of fantastic tools out there. A lot of them are worth keeping. For me, however, the list should stay really short or I’ll get distracted. I only have limited time.

When I practice my art in public, I get feedback and an endless amount of advice that adds to my already, massive list of things I should try next.

I’m now at a point where I’m confused on what to work on first.

I’ll use up all my tools first before asking for advice. I know that the downside would be that I’ll have less information or solutions but that’s the fun part because I get to be more creative with it.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I say it’s dangerous if knowledge is all you rely on.

Just calm down and keep collected. Analyze the situation rationally and know there must be a way. While you’re at it, know that there must be a better way. Remember everything that you have and find something you can use. A cool head and agile mind helps you stay creative and accomplish more with less.