My mood has been pretty dark lately.

I got a lot of work to do and I’ve been doing it so long and I’m not taking enough voluntary breaks and as a result I’m not efficient.

So I’m experimenting on manipulating my mood with music.

My first attempt in this was listening to the sound of rain on loop or music from Tycho.

I listen to upbeat songs from Anime to increase my happiness.

Examples are: Intro of Kono Suba, Eromanga Sensei and Songs from Macross Frontier.

I listen to dark battle music from Anime to increase my aggressiveness and persistence.

Examples are: Hai Yo, Ash Crow and Sacrifice from the Berserk soundtrack.

I blast happy songs to speed myself up on the bike.

Examples are: From Yowamushi Pedal and songs from Macross Fronitier

I listen to slow music to wind down and relax.

Examples are: Ending songs from Kono Suba.

I don’t have a lot of music on my phone, but I make do.

I’ll update this song for more recommendations.

I enjoy the silence but having a song in your heart makes difficult things a little more bearable.

Get energy from music!

Thank you for reading.

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