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It is easy to lose perspective.

Motivation is fleeting.

Direction tends to go off track after a long enough time period.

We do, however, experience lucid moments though when we seem to have access to wisdom.

Minimal Changes is a collection of lessons and epiphanies that I have documented and implemented in my life and published on this site as a way to remind myself to keep my shit together in the face of difficult situations.

I’m Kevin and since 2008, I’ve been struggling with clutter, poor fitness, food choices, poverty, unhappiness, hopelessness, depression, overwhelm, wastefulness, agreeableness and other weaknesses in my day to day life.

I have implemented many strategies and tactics and built this site in order to create a quiet place for myself to think, ask questions and try to improve my situation on your own through writing and reading my own work.

A quick summary of my daily practice:

  • I begin my day by fixing my bed and tidying my room.
  • I wake myself up by playing some music and going for a cold shower.
  • I head out and walk with my dog and do a couple of fifty meter sprints.
  • I take a quick meditation session and prepare for work.
  • I take my bike to the office and have a nutrient-dense breakfast from the freshest animal sources.
  • I pray and trap my negative thoughts on paper by journaling.
  • I read the reminders that I have set for myself.
  • I work on my main objectives and end the day by listing the tasks that need to be carried out tomorrow.
  • I used go to the gym and participate in a CrossFit class.
  • I practice Jiujitsu at Leap
  • I bike home and try to sleep early.

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  • Focus on doing well today.
  • Keep your area clean.
  • Keep your mind sharp through your body.
  • Dismantle problems on paper.


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