Love Your Fate.

Amor Fati.

I learned this from Stoics.

This is kind of difficult to accept.

However, most of our suffering is a direct result of our inability to accept reality.

Last night, the left shift key on my Macbook Pro broke, I stressed over it, how difficult it is to get repaired, I’m considering buying a new one, when I intend to keep using this for another five years. I intend to hold on to my laptops for six years before replacing them to fully utilize their value.

I’m considering the costs of flying to China to get my laptop repaired.

The solution is simply getting used to using the right shift key and all my problems are gone.

Sure, I can have this repaired or replaced later but for now, I’ll just make do with what I have, this is a perfectly good laptop.

My favorite Japanese fictional character is Guts from Berserk whom, after being betrayed by his closest friend, lost his right eye and left arm but still retained his badassery but I digress.

Love your fate.

What happens to you is for you.

Good and bad.

It’s an opportunity to be resourceful.

There are endless reasons.

You are like good ground, when shit is dumped on you, the seeds planted in you will grow.

The worst things that happen in your life are the best things that happen to you because it transforms you into the kind of person you are destined to become.

Not getting what you want is an indicator that you are going to get your destiny.

At low points in my life, I tell myself that in the end, I am going to die, and I’m probably going to hell and that will be the end of it.

Over time, that isn’t such a bad idea because if you believe in God, you know that his will is perfect and if he sends you there, there’s a good reason and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’ll probably require some getting used to but whatever happens to you, accept it.

Love your fate.

Thank you for reading.

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