This is an instructional guide for Kevin and other team members.

What is an ark bag?

The ark bag is kind of a survival bag.

This allows you to grab your ark bag and go in the event of an emergency.

My ark bag contains clothes, important documents, and allows me to leave the house in a hurry with everything important to me.

What are the benefits of an ark bag?

My ark bag is also a way for me to ration my clothes and manage the wear and tear.

Clothes that I expect to get disposed due to wear are used repetedly and more frequently until I can no longer use them.

If I need to travel, most of my clothes are stored in small clothing organizers labeled “overnight pack” and “day two pack” which allows me to just grab those or get those delivered to me when I need to go overnight somewhere.

Some reminders:

  • Keep sling bags on Ark bag
  • Keep PS Vita on Ark bag
  • Keep iPad Mini on Ark bag.
  • Keep chargers on Ark bag.
  • Keep hard drives and important tech near the ark bag.

Ark Bag Contents:

Work Shirts

  • Gray Shirt Dark Gray
  • Gray Shirt Light Gray

Dry Fit Shirts

  • Black Spartan Race
  • Blue Gym Shirt
  • Gray Gym Shirt

Board Shorts

  • Black Shorts
  • Vacation Shorts


  • Black Underwear
  • Black Underwear


  • Black Stance Grid Design
  • Black Stance Panther Design


  • Gray Towel
  • Red Towel


  • Gray Jacket
  • Hoodie


  • ID’s and Passports
  • Important Papers.

What’s your Ark Bag?

It’s just a simple gym bag that contains all these items.

Thank you for reading.

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