Everyone who has a goal wants to get there as soon as they can. Most of the things we accept as reality may make sense right now but that doesn’t mean it’s permanently true.

Aside for copying what everybody else does, there are two alternate paths to getting what you want. The most commonly sought is the shortcut, it’s fast, practical and sadly short term. My issue with the short cut is that the benefits are often short term.

The other option is looking for a better way. Looking for a better way is scary because you reach into what you don’t know. There’s a chance of failure and it happens often. But when you fail at least one of two things happen, you learn what to change and you move closer to getting what you want.

When choosing between the shortcut and the better way, it’s always attractive to pick the shortcut. In fact, my early work is based on building shortcuts. A shortcut in my experience is not always a better way and a better way isn’t often a shortcut.

Whether you choose to look for a shortcut or a better way you’re going to encounter frustrations. The frustration when looking for a better way happens a lot at the beginning. The frustration with shortcuts happens much later and often after you put in the effort and the time.

Look for a better way not a shortcut.

Thank you for reading.

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