Our eyes are biased. Sometimes we are biased towards positivity and sometimes toward negativity. What we see maybe illusions but we can interpret it as reality. Relationships are a fragile thing. Sometimes it takes a little to break something that seemed so solid and at times a word can cause hurt that lasts a lifetime.

We do have some guiding principles that helped us cope. We have hundreds of quotes on friendship and family that had glued relationships together at dire situations. Disney’s Lilo and Stitch was known for the saying “Ohana means family and that means nobody gets left behind” and these are all nice things in theory. Implementing them in life is the challenge.

We sometimes go through tough times and we end up forgetting what we’ve learned. I guess it’s ok. Sometimes no matter how much we prepare for situations it things wouldn’t be enough. In the heat of the moment we lose our cool and our ability to think logically. Because we have been emotionally compromised we are unable to decide clearly on what to do next.

Sometimes we look at actions and sometimes we look at intentions.

In situations where a friend or somebody close to you tells you nasty things. Hold your reactions for a while and realize that maybe your friend truly cares for you because they are doing everything they got to get you out of your situation. It may be painful for you because they got clumsy but you have to know it’s real. Nobody will go through all that trouble for you.

It happened to me a few times today and I was about to shut them off. I was about to dismiss them as (insert derogatory remark). Then I realized that these people cared even if they disagreed. They were willing to put our relationship at risk or moved in too quick not to think about it in an attempt to put me out of harms way.

This is the part where I’ll ask you to just be thankful for having people and situations like that. You might have done it to me or should I say for me a few times. Maybe a friend did that for you. Remember to thank them and be glad they’re there.

Thank you for reading.

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