You can always buy back items that you threw out.

When your space is clear and your mind is focused.

And you are productive at work and enjoying your life.

The cost of buying anything you need/want will be extremely affordable.

Whatever it is.

The cost of keeping an item that you don’t use is way bigger than the cost of buying an item back in the long run.

Minimalism is not a poverty mindset that allows you to save a few coins here and there.

Minimalism is a framework that allows you the power to, by design, live your life to the fullest as the best version of yourself.

When you have that lifestyle money will never be an issue.

Is your boss 100% happy with your performance?

Is your family 100% happy with you?

Are you 100% happy with you?

If the answer is no to one of these, you are better off letting go of more items because you are too distracted to get your life in order.

Every item you keep around your house, impairs your ability to think straight whether you use it or not.

That’s why you only keep the important things and let go of things that have little or no return.

I learned from Mari Kondo that you might save a few dollars buying toilet paper in bulk but if that purchase uses up your whole pantry or storage area you lost more money as a result.

The amount of space that you own is valuable.

Act accordingly.

If you have difficulty letting go of items because you’re afraid you’ll need it. Here’s a consideration.

If an item costs less than $100 to replace or buy back and you’re not sure if you’ll need it or not in the future. You can let it go.

Any focus or productivity boost you gain as a result because you are not distracted is worth far more than buying that item back.

Thank you for reading.

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