Original title: My Experiment on Writing My Fears at the Start of the Day

On your notebook or journal, write down you fears at the start of the day. Write down as much detail as possible. Do this for one week and observe how you view your situation.

What are your fears?

What’s bothering you?

What failure or uncomfortable situation do you imagine will happen in the near future?

What past fear of failure or situation do you imagine happening to you again?

Thoughts are crystalyzed on paper and enables you to observe your thoughts more efficiently. The reason being your brain does not need to expend effort to hold the thought in your imagination.

Writing your fears give you the ability to make alterations and imagine possible alternate future outcomes and solutions.

Writing down your fears give you the ability to take the thought out of your head and place it in a manageable space.

Writing down you fears traps the fear on paper and often, writing down your fear is the only activity or action that you need to do to take it out of your system.

Consider writing your fears for a day. Then do it for one week. If you experience the benefit consider doing it more. If you don’t benefit, just do so as needed.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading.

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