Outside of religious context sin also means off target. Or missing the mark.

So my next target is to go without complaining.

Lately I’ve been confrontational at home lately. I yelled at people. I knew it was wrong and I absolutely regret it. It’s just that at the heat of the moment, I couldn’t control myself.

Whenever I raise my voice or want to punch someone in the face:

  • Take a shower.
  • Take deep breaths.

Whenever I’m depressed.

  • Take a shower.
  • Wash my hands.
  • Wash my face.
  • Go for a headstand.
  • Do push-ups.
  • Take probiotics.
  • Drink water.
  • Write about today's blessings.

Whenever I feel bad about myself. <ul>

  • Remember the sacrifice of everyone who helped me get to where I am today.
  • </ul> Don’t ever complain. That’s the next target. Do something about it. Pray about it. Pray for solutions. Ignore it. Make it your next target. Don’t complain.

    Challenge accepted!

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