Superpowers are effective and there’s a good reason why I stopped using them while eating.

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A lot of times we hate doing something because we’re afraid we might suck at it. Too often the things we don’t like to do might be the only keeping us from getting where we want to go. In fact no matter how much we think we suck at it we can develop it. Maybe it’s selling, communicating better, organizing, prospecting you name it. Instead of thinking about it as something you’re not good at think of it as a super power. Here are fun similarities between you and people with superpowers.

  1. Most super heroes are afraid of using their powers because they suck at using it at first.
  2. Using their powers enough times help them develop control over their powers
  3. When the situation calls for it there will be a time when you need to use your powers
  4. Super powers are not given to us for our own personal gain but to serve others
  5. Using the superpowers for good will change you from a freak to a superhero

My first set of superpowers

  • Vampiric eyes-everything happens in slow motion. Also allows me to see a lot of details
  • Predator vision-sees almost everything around me. Done by mostly looking down and looking around automatically
  • Copy superpower- upon understanding the principles of a superpower I can copy it
  • Inhuman patience- obviously not something I’m born with
  • Substitution technique- Swapping with people who are experts at what I suck at. also known as trading favors
  • Energy efficient- if it’s not really important and there are no major consequences I don’t do it Super-Human stamina for doing the things I like- nuff said
  • Main character’s aura/Natural Leadership- Makes friends easily Converting strangers into allies-
  • Main character’s resolve- never gives up
  • God’s protection- I ask God to protect me and he does. Note: not an excuse to jump off a building or stand in front of a speeding train.
  • God’s support- I ask God for help
  • Buffet Destroyer (Discontinued) Takes at least 3 mountain-full plates of the most expensive food from a buffet table and eats it as fast as I can or 3 cups of rice per meal on average.

What are your superpowers?

Thank you for reading.

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