I had a nightmare last night. One involved fighting an armed robber at our Sucat house. Protecting mom and te damsels in distress. The other one involved me being being reunited with after a super huge challenge and me proposing while on an escalator that led to the top of a mountain beside a building that looks like Trinoma. I was thinking it was a different girl but as much as feel that my hope should end I still saw her. Last Saturday, Bible study leader discussed God places the desires in our hearts.

Last night I tweeted that if a potential partner has no accountability to God, what makes me think that he/she will have accountability to me.

It somehow expressed how I feel about my situation. Here’s the thing. It’s not all the time I woke up singing. Here’s what I was singing:

Open the blind eyes Unlock the deaf ears Come to Your people As we draw near Hear us from heaven Touch our generation We are Your people Crying out in desperation

Bridge: Hear Us From Heaven, Hear Us From Heaven, Hear Us From Heaven (4x)

I don’t know what it means but I trust God has something really great for me. If its my eyes or ears or someone else that need opening.

Let’s see what the future brings.

Thank you for reading.

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