I was recently reading an article about bad Filipino traits when it comes to handling money. You see, we procrastinate savings, we dive head first into overspending and sometimes because people coax us to show off by treating everyone to a round of drinks or so. Going through the comments, I saw a post that said the post was for a bank. Then flame wars ensued.

I feel bad about myself, almost all the time. Yesterday my friend invited me to go to Bataan,  I said no. It took me a while but I said no. The day before, my close friend invited me to a quick Road trip out of town. I said no. I kept rejecting invites.  I kept saying no I have work. I have backlog on bills to pay and priorities. Some people love life to the full. I was like that. I lived till my wallet was empty.

Two years ago, a good friend, needed money because of a medical emergency, I couldn’t cough up money. The most I can do is give her a chunk of all I had left. Her dad’s life got extended for a few more days. On the bus home from the wake, smoking, I couldn’t forgive myself for not having money for one the few people  who assisted me when I got depressed.

I was thinking what would happen if that happened to a family member. I couldn’t bear watching people I care about die because I didn’t make wise decisions with my money.

It took me a year and despite several financial setbacks, I made it. I got cheated into lending people money then they disappeared. After a couple of years tracking exactly where my money went, I found out that.

**My money always go somewhere, the question is where?**

Will I be happy about the end result? Will I benefit from where my money went or will it benefit others?

I’ve been broke because I didn’t count the cost of the activities I wanted to do and items I wanted to buy.

I’ve been broke because to make new friends and to try to get close to people who obviously don’t give a shit about me I pulled out my wallet more times than I should.

I’ve been broke because I threw my money away when I got depressed.

Don’t make my mistakes.  Let your money flow to where it should.

God, is my partner. We are a two man team, He controls everything out of my control and gives me spider sense against trouble.  Despite that He let’s me use 90% of everything we make and I give Him his cut to honor our partnership.

**Emergency fund. There are unexpected events that hit us when we least expect. Having money ready helps us soften the blow. **

**Savings.  **Seriously do I need to convince you to have savings?

**Investments.  **We need to grow the money. I don’t enjoy seeing opportunities pass me by because I don’t have money.

Projects that make me happy. I work to love and not live to work and that entails having the money to do things I like. It could be a small business, a class, travel, money to get married, and so forth.

I have a friend from high school who like me didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth but seems to be well off, and having fun now. I learned one thing observing him. Whenever we invited him to a bar or to eat out his response was always just go to my house, I’ll take care of the venue bring some drinks and I’ll contribute.  I had a three year head start and now he has more money than me.

As I’ve said, I feel bad about not blowing all my money away like a lot of people I know. You see I don’t have rich folks and a trust fund, maybe I do but I have no access to it now. I need to be wise and faithful to the small things. With what I’m doing now delaying my gratification with the flow of my money, until it’s time to use it for what’s important to me.

I keep saying: Pay now, play later or play now pay later? Whatever I pick the what comes later is far heavier.

What are your thoughts let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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