People will tell you to focus on their agenda.

Church wants you there for church service, Bible study, volunteer work, mentoring, advance Bible study and more. Starts you thithing by giving what you can, then ten percent, then twenty, then as much as you can squeeze out.

Insurance and investment companies want you to commit at least the same amount of money the church wants to receive from you.

Gym’s want you there four or five days a week. If you get ripped then you’re a better evangelist for their gym.

Employers want you to work as much as possible so you can help the bottom line.

Personal development groups want you attending, then assisting, then volunteering more.

Social media wants you to come back and use their app all the time. Facebook even notifies you even if you don’t have anything important.

Bike shop owners want you to spend as much as you can for the best bike.

Online games want you grinding for hours a day and all day during weekends.

All these organizations are beneficial up to a certain point. Past that point is where you experience diminishing returns.

You decide how your life is balance. It may be a struggle but as long as you benefit, you’re happy and it doesn’t hurt you in other areas it’s okay to participate.

It’s also important to remember that you can stop going if it’s costing you more than you’re willing to contribute or participate.

Your life will one day end. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, it would be awesome if you spent every day you have on the planet enjoying this game.

Thank you for reading.

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