Have you ever thought about the future and as you try to imagine you tell yourself that you’d rather not imagine the future? You look at your budget, the money you saved up or the lack of money that you saved up and say I’m screwed. Perhaps the task or maybe a project you’ve given yourself and there is no progress. Maybe you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that exercise and diet won’t give me the body that I want. It’s impossible.

I am an over thinker. Everyday I deal with a lot of worry. Some days I struggle with distraction. Some days I experience fear and this feeling of no control because in my mind, I expect that the future only has a mountain of problems waiting for me.

I imagine the future and I feel like shit.

Some days I tell myself that I no longer feel like moving to do anything about it.

I then recall that a good way to solve a problem is to simplify. Make the bigger smaller by breaking the complex into manageable and actionable pieces.

A manageable piece off my future is a unit called today.

You probably heard some where that the future and the past are not part of reality but are concepts in your head mixed with your memories and imagination.

Reality is the present. Reality is this exact moment.

Consider this.

You only have today.

Today is manageable.

If you do today well, tomorrow will be a little better.

You see, every contribution adds up. You might not notice or appreciate it but what you do today adds up over time.

You do something that benefits you like exercise, eat healthy, learn a skill, complete a task in a project, save money, it accumulates.

You do something that doesn’t benefit you, not get enough sleep, not exercise, eat junk food, skip doing a task, spend money, it also accumulates.

You can form a result or a habit over time of what you decide to do.

If you’re conscious, you decide to form a habit. If you’re not conscious, you go on autopilot and you just repeat what you did yesterday.

Do today well.

I previously felt overwhelmed at building a bright future, thinking it required the faith to move mountains. I used to scoff at how impossible it is until I realised that faith is expressed by action and the mountain can be moved one pebble at a time. I am only frozen in my disbelief because I thought I need a bulldozer. I thought so because someone sold me an idea but that’s for another story.

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