I whisper “dragon, dragon” and I smile.

I almost giggle as if I’m trying to fake excitement.

“Dragon, dragon” is almost like a prayer for me.

If you’re not religious, it’s like a magic spell.

If you don’t believe in the supernatural then consider this as “priming the mind.”

I whisper “dragon, dragon” before I do something that sucks.

I first found myself whispering “dragon, dragon” before starting uncomfortable conversations that I’ve been avoiding.

I whispered “dragon, dragon” before attacking a task I’ve been procrastinating.

I whisper “dragon, dragon” playfully.

I’m like a child playing pretend.

There’s a deeper meaning behind this little silly activity.

It’s silly but meaningful.

Let me start with this analogy.

Dragons appear into our lives the size of tiny chickens.

You can kill these tiny dragons by stepping on them and putting in your weight to crush them.

The most trouble these chicken-sized dragons cause is you have to chase them around and probably spend the whole day to catch and kill them.

If you neglect to kill these chicken-sized dragons, they’ll leave.

The chicken-sized dragons turn into cow-sized dragons when they come back.

Cow-sized dragons are mostly harmless and often get in the way of what you’re tring to do.

The cow-sized dragons are just in the way and can cause limited damage.

You can get on with your day by moving around the cow-sized dragons.

It takes more effort to slay these cow-sized dragons.

It’s also messy to murder cow-sized dragons because of all the blood and the effort required to dispose of the corpse.

The cow-sized dragons are probably the last version of the dragon that you can kill by yourself.

The cow-sized dragons leave after a while.

The cow-sized dragons evolve into house-sized dragons when they come back.

House-sized dragons are almost impossible to kill alone.

You’ll need help killing house-sized dragons.

You’ll need a person to distract the house-sized dragon.

You’ll need another person to coordinate your attack.

You’ll need another person to hold the dragon down.

You’ll need another person to attack the dragon’s weak-spot.

You’ll probably need multiple people for each task.

If a house-sized dragon escapes, it will come back as a city-sized dragon.

You’ll need the effort of an entire country or God himself to come down and kill dragons this size.

Dragons like these eat your loved ones first.

You’ll watch your loved ones turn on you and blame you for not killing the dragons while they’re effortless to kill.

You’ll watch your loved ones get torn to shreds before being eaten.

Larger dragons tend to play with their food.

You’ll watch everything you built burned down.

This is obviously a metaphor.

Every real-life disaster follows this pattern.

People who survive dragons are cursed to live in hell while they’re alive.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in religion or not.

You’ll know when a real dragon comes for you.

Step on that chicken-sized dragon.

Use your hands and bite off the head if you have to.

Thank you for reading.

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