You can’t change the past.

It’s impossible to predict the future.

I decided to stop focusing on long-term ambitions such as getting rich or whatever big thing that people expect me to be.

I just decided to accomplish what I need do today well.

I get a good amount of sleep.

I exercise.

I eat well.

I pay extra attention to my hygiene and nutrition.

I do my most important work first.

I hit my target daily income.

I save a set amount of money.

I invest a pre-determined amount of resources into my growth.

I spend some time learning a difficult skill.

I spend time learning from people ahead of me.

I spend time writing instructions.

I spend some time doing something fun.

I spend time doing something spiritual.

I don’t have access to time-travel.

I can’t change the past.

I don’t know how long I’ll live.

It’s imposible to predict what will happen in the future.

I’ve given up on crafting a perfect plan.

I still have a long-term plan.

I just don’t obsess over it.

I focus on doing today well.

What else am I doing?

Here’s a link to a page where I share what I’m doing now.

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