In a past life, saturday was learning day for me. Entrepreneurship training the whole day and bible study at night. During entrepreneur class they taught me that challenges are a key part to being a successful entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs are ones who solves problems for profit or pay. So the take away was that problems are opportunities.

Bible study. Pruning. Blessing. Problem.

I prayed Lord please hit me with everything you have to prepare me and grow me into the person you want me to be. I’m sure that’ll be the most kick ass version of my self and in the end I’m sure I wouldn’t mind being hit by you as hard as you can.

I remember kickboxing class. I was training with three fourth grade kids and two high school girls. I was fourteen then. Before my first session started the instructor asked me if I’d like to receive the usual training or the kind Mixed Martial Art Fighters receive.

Usual, I thought to myself means training designed for girls and kids, and told my instructor fighters training please. After doing drills for four hours and the grade school boys and the high school girls are about to go home. I sort of had an eye on one of them who looked pretty cute. I figured it’d be cool to walk with her in the way home. My instructor asked me where I was going and that my training was just about to start. I then spent another couple of hours allowing my instructor to beat the shit out of me and despite my best efforts, I wasn’t putting up much of a fight. That went on for several months. I learned how to remedy bruises, sprains and cramps really fast because I need to be fully healed for the next day. I didn’t learn to be an efficient fighter. I learned to recover from getting beat up efficiently. Some time later after being pushed into a corner I was able to land a well timed hit and knocked him down at the end of the round. I never landed a hit in the next rounds.

Months later I sparred with a professional level fighter. He toyed with me of course. I blasted away as hard as I can landing only a few hits that didn’t seem to hurt.

I haven’t been in a fight in a while. But from these experience sometimes we face challenges that are way above our level. In real life, most of these challenges are not fatal. These failure are not final. We win some and we lose some. Most failures I experienced, have lessons that helped me out in other challenges I faced.

Keep hanging in there. You can win your next fights just learn from your losses.

Thank you for reading.

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