Pack Light.

80% of what you bring is often unused by the time you get home.

Bring Water

Steamed Eggs

Take Advantage of Avocado Season

Avoid buying food.

Unless you are scheduled to write, leave the laptop and bluetooth keyboard and large pads at home. 

iPod Touch = Save Battery. Lighter than a powerbank.

No reading on LTE. 

Snap photo of impulse buy triggers.

Ask youreself if you still want to buy on the calendar entry. 

Take the smaller bag whenever you can.

Utilize the Deuter Speed Lite

Unless you’re working, leave the chargers at home.

The laptop will survive two hours use when managed correctly. 

Practice wise utilization of batteries.

When eating out avoid large meals.

You are already complete as far as items go. 

You had maxed out the intended upgrades for your possessions years ago.

Try to take a photo of where you went. 

Your phone prevents you from fully utilizing the tools that you took with you. 

Use the tools first and once fully utilized that’s the only time you bring out your phone. 

Thank you for reading.

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