Great sales people can get you to buy what you might need before you need it.

If the opportunity doesn’t match your strategy you still lose.

Many of my regrets come from buying things that I need before I need it.

I upgrade long before my tools break down.

I usually have double the amount of many of my tools.

The unused tool usually deteriorates, deppreciates, and distracts me from my current task.

I’m beginning to see the value of keeping our backups in financial format.

If an item goes out-of-stock an identical or better item appears in the store to take the missing item’s place.

However, one consideration is that it’s difficult to convert store brought items back into the cash form.

The experience is much like putting spilled toothpaste back into the tube.

I’d like a spare laptop.

I’d store my backup laptop in the store.

I’d just put the cost of my laptop into a bank account used to purchase items.

In the same way, I’d keep items that I plan to buy in the store until the moment that I need to buy.

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