I like automation because it turns what used to be a stressful task into something that can mindlessly be completed without effort. When you automate, things become automatic and completely off your head.

A few years back, I was having trouble saving money because my spending habits were automatic.

Remember the old financial advice? Save before you spend? Sounds simple right? It was really hard to implement for me. The solution was a separate bank account. I initially transferred money automatically. The task became a challenge because it was easy to transfer money into my account and it was also easy to transfer the money out of my account. I ended having little or zero savings at the time.

When I switched employers last September, I told myself that I need to change something.

I’m a lazy person. I value things that took a lot of effort to get done. Whatever extra steps usually are a pain for me so with that in mind, here’s what I did:

I have two bank accounts. One account is where I receive my pay and the other one is a spare one. Every payday. I set aside a certain amount and manually deposit it in my other bank account. I have to physically go to the bank to make the deposit. I have to fill up a deposit slip. I have to line up and wait for my turn. I have to walk back to the office.

Guess what? After a few months I was able to maintain saving in the account I assigned for savings. I felt good putting money in my account and I’m sure you will too. I hope this trick was able to help.

What moves have you taught yourself to save consistently? **

Thank you for reading.

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