Can you send me a list of your skills?

I forwarded my resume.

You have skills that make me envious.

I went through hell to get many of my skills.

I didn’t get to finish college.

I worked in several low paying jobs.

I was consistently insulted and berrated by my family.

Many of my friends from school avoided me for what I’ve become.

Some of my closest friends disassociated with me because they realized that I’m a loser.

I learned many of my skills by investing in books and reading on the bus on my commute to and from work.

I got some of my skills by investing in classes and seminars.

I invested a chunk of my salary in enhancing my knowledge.

I felt that since college graduates read anywhere from 40 to 70 books in the four year course, I can maybe receive some form of self-education if I read double or triple of what these students study.

I had limited options when I was starting out.

I went into sales so I could survive and finance my education.

Learning how to sell is both painful and heartbreaking.

99.99% of people that you approach will likely not buy from you.

You are expected to smile, be enthusiastic, and take rejection like a champ.

There’s also out of the office rejection.

People avoid you because they’ll feel that you’ll pester them to buy something.

You’ll ask a friend that you’ve been getting along with if they want to buy, they’ll say yes.

You won’t hear any reluctance in their voice.

You’ll hear sincerity.

You follow up and you never hear from them.

You visit or try to time your calls so you can reach them.

You waste hours.

You’ll feel like a stalker.

No sale.

No friend.

Sales is a depressing job for many introverts.

Sales is an important skill for people who eventually want to own business.

The process sometimes feel like hell.

You need to voluntarily go to hell to burn off your weakness.

You burn off taking rejection personally.

You burn off your negative feelings associated with your plans not going your way.

You burn off the feeling of defeat that comes from making mistakes.

You burn that whining, crying bitch that aspires for fairytale greatness.

You burn everything that doesn’t help you.

You pick up the essential lessons.

Thank you for reading.

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