Consider being at home where you are.

Here and now.

If you’re particularly ambitious, then you’re probably focused on the future.

If you’re depressed, you’re likely looking back on the past.

If you’re pessimistic, you’re likely preparing a solution to a problem you expect to encounter in the future.

If you’re optimistic, you’re probably daydreaming a little. Looking forward to a better situation.

I’m in an awkward position.

A friend left me in a spare room in their home and went to bed.

I have no idea what time the family wakes up.

I don’t recall being introduced to anyone else in that house.

I have no idea what to say in case I get asked “who the fuck I was and what I was doing in that room.”

Then I remember this advice.

“Consider being at home. Here and now.”

I’ve always cycled through states of ambition, depression, pessimism and optimism.

I was anxious to leave. Worrying about being discovered.

A few hours back I didn’t feel like going home in the wee hours of the morning.

I imagined the commute and the prospect of bumping into shady characters.

I was a little sleepy and wanted to avoid the inconvenience.

Then I thought to myself, I’m on a bed and have some time to rest. I’m here and now.

I might as well be at home.

Even when I am not really at home.

Just be at home in the moment.

I browse some articles on my phone then proceeded to go to get a couple of hours more sleep.

I woke up with the bright sun in my face as a few hours had passed.

I fired up my Grab app and I ordered a car to take me home.

I did get asked who the fuck I was and why am I exiting the room as I asked if my friend was already awake.

Luckily a cousin recognized me and introduced me.

I got a call that the car I requested arrived, I awkwardly said goodbye and left.

When the situation gets tense, consider asking yourself how you can be at home in the situation here and now.

The alternative is resisting reality, which, according to ancient wisdom is the source of most of our pain.

Thank you for reading.

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