20120215-092345.jpg Someone asked me to forget about her and gave me a couple of items I’ll end up using everyday.

Goals change.

Heres a breakdown of how my goals have changed in the last 7 years. It’s by no means comprehensive. It’s just a summary I wrote from the top of my head to make myself realize that things change.

College days. I wanted to get the best job I can that also allows me to be a mixed martial arts fighter and I want to start a martial arts gym. Target income: Php 10,000 per month. Actual income: none. I’m a student. Result: Learned to prepare for fights but never actually used what I learned in a real cage fight.

Job application days. Rent my own condo. Buy a second hand car. Go out for dinner or drinks in a nice place once a week or every other week. Target income: Php 20,000 per month. Actual income: none. Still looking for work. Result: Older brother suggested a mall based sales job to learn to speak to people.

Mall based sales job. Learn to sell so I can make money and meet girls.
Target income: Php 15,000 per month. Actual income: Php 6,000 to Php 9,000 per month. Result: Learned to explain well. Learned to make friends from random encounters.

Real Estate Sales Days. Keep making six figures and save up enough to relax because working seven days a week is pretty stressful. Target income: Php 200,000 per month. Actual income: 60,000-120,000 per month. Result: spent everything on road trips, dates, clothes and trinkets.

Financial Planning days. Sell insurance to have enough savings so I can cover my future needs. Family orientation seemed to start at this point. Interest in savings and investments started. Target income: Php 60,000 per month. Actual income: Php 20,000 total. Result: couldn’t sell insurance just had a couple of transactions. Learned to build a website and use SEO instead and got more commissions from my sales made by my boss through the website.

Call Center Training Days. Help older brother. Enjoy helping others find work. Apply leanings from previous companies best practices. Learn to teach.
Target income: Php 50,000 per month. Actual income: Php 26,000 per month. Result: learned that I enjoyed teaching people and helping people look for work. Didn’t make a lot of money but was pretty comfortable. Learned to get results by not always following instructions and experimenting.

Nu Skin Days. Build an asset that provides passive six figure income. Learn to make friends really fast. Had really big goals. Buy a car. Buy a house buy Apple products. Travel. Target income: Php 120,000 per month part time. Actual income: Php 3,000 to Php7,000 per month part time. Result: picked up a lot of skills but couldn’t really translate it to big money. Became aware and picked up some good mindsets like never giving up and being positive and explaining things better and dealing with difficult people. Was also reintroduced to learning from church here by the leaders.

Recruitment Company days. Help my boss grow their business. Start saving. Research opportunities for sales Target income: Php 25,000 per month Actual income: Php 25,000 per month Result: learned that IT sales pays well. Started saving despite having a smaller paycheck. Learned to be a minimalist. Began letting go of lofty goals, bad habits, clutter and non earning projects. started blogging as a hobby.

IT Products and Service days. Make good income working five days a week. Target income: Php 50,000 per month Actual income: Php 40,000 per month Result: Earned really well. Unfortunately the company I was on board with closed down. Upped my savings a bit at this point.

Worked for dad days. Help out dad and enjoy my remaining time with him and the remainder of my huge goals at this point. Target income: variable Actual income: variable Result: my preparation wasn’t enough to cover the requirements. Better start getting back to working on working on my own terms again.

At this point I’m pretty flexible. I don’t exactly know what’s next but I’ll be working on working on my own terms from now on. I also needed a vacation. I haven’t had one in a while. I also need some time to let go of a few things I recently lost.

How has your goals changed in the past few years?

Thank you for reading.

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