Minimal Changes is the result of me becoming a minimalist and writing about it which is a result of me wanting to clean my desk.

The story goes like I was recently promoted then and my boss gave my a nice desk, new responsibilities and paper work. After a week, I had a few piles of papers. Second week and my desk was a mess. I have a large enough pile that kept me away from work. I was distracted and often thinking of other things aside from work.

I needed to learn how to organize and my favorite resources were lifehacker and zenhabits. This regular reading started my curiosity about minimalism and later on it’s application in my life and other things I added like blogging and the use of tech to organize. I’m sure there are a lot of ideas with cleaning your desk out there but here are a few that had helped me clean my desk.

  1. **Have an idea what you use regularly** - I keep several things in my desk that I feel I'm going to use later. Depending on how soon or how often I'll use it, it is a good idea to know what to keep and what's within arm's reach.
  2. **Clear your desk** - a clear desk is refreshing to see. Creative ideas flow in an empty space for me. If you haven't experienced this yet maybe you could give it a shot and experience it for yourself.
  3. **Place everything in one pile** - This is my first step. I scout for what I'm keeping and leaving out by placing things in a pile.
  4. **Go through each item and sort them** - Decide the future of each item.
  5. **Eliminate what you won't use and discard what you don't need** - Some items are destined for the bin and that's okay. Keeping them will only distract you from your purpose.
  6. **Have a not sure pile** - If you're not sure keep it in a not sure pile. This will help you keep going through the items.
  7. **When your done place each item in your drawers** - It's not a good idea to leave things in the open. Out of sight may mean out of mind and less things in view means less distractions.
  8. **Use as few drawers as possible -** Parkinsons law states that Storage requirements will increase to meet storage capacity. This seemed to apply with drawer space as well. Try to limit allowed space whenever you can and you'll realize how happy you'll be with less.
  9. **If you are willing toss out the souvenirs then you've won half the battle**. If you're not then consider taking a picture to keep as the souvenir and let go of the physical one.
  10. **Enjoy your clean desk**. - This is the best part. You don't have distractions and your work is completed and you have time to spare. Have the space you need in different areas like time, attention, spare cash and more.

That’s it on how to clean my desk. How do you clean your desk?

Thank you for reading.

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