Large Notebook + Large Writing = Large Ideas with Less Words-Kevin Olega

I have every reason to be confident. The past few years didn’t seem to reflect that.

A few days ago while doing one on one training at Starbucks, an idea hit me. I wrote the first line above, then I wrote a few articles with concise kick ass content.

What is different is that I had used two line spaces for writing instead of one, and started writing big.

Immediately afterward everything seemed to go my way. My confidence in writing, my real life interactions, and decision-making seemed to change. Even my mom noticed the change. (This is the first time my mom acknowledged my personal improvement openly)

Pondering this change led me to to wonder what happened.

My mom said that psychologists can analyze a person’s current moods and attitudes by looking at their handwriting. My old hand writing, screams absolute lack of self worth, self belief and self confidence.

My friend told me that what I’m doing can be a trick I discovered on my own and that I should write about it. He then said. If your mood is revealed by how you write, then how you write might influence your mood.

I would’ve gone on to Google and check this handwriting analysis thing but maybe later. The truth is I’m just happy with this change I don’t care much about the particulars at the moment.

Here are a few theories though.

  • When we were kids we wrote like this already. Remember the two line writing notebook? Do you still remember how confident and clear we were back then?
  • Then grade school hit, the institution that domesticated our thoughts and brain-washed us to think inside the box by forcing us to write small. Confidence seemed to have gone down at this point.
  • In High School we learned to write 5 lines in one line space so we can create cheat sheets in case we didn’t study for an exam.  Bullying became bigger issues because we lost confidence, clarity, and direction at this point which may explain why we had a hard time picking a course during college.

Benefits of Writing Big include: Confidence, Clarity, Focus, Direction, Easier Note Snapping, Easier Evernote Recognition, and Fun While Writing.

When you write big you go all out. Loser ideas don’t survive and your best is revealed.

What now?

  • **Try Writing Big **- Minimum of two line spaces per line
  • **See What Happens** and share your story below in the comments for changes you noticed.

Thank you for reading.

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