Today seems to be the happiest I’ve been in the past few months. Why? Because God answers prayers. I don’t think I can get into a lot of details yet but I can guarantee that He does. After my long talk with Alih at Faye’s party my depression hit me harder than ever. I spent my Sunday stuck at the house looking for encouragement. I had the Bible of course but I prayed to be able to talk to real people for a change and none of my usual friends. I’ve been calling people up to cheer myself up but to no avail. I can’t ask my 500+ shy or busy readers at minimal changes to speak to be because that would be too embarrassing. A few hours later an old acquaintance contacted me and we became fast friends and I’m pretty comfortable sharing some stuff about my life and it’s all good. I have no idea if I should ask for more people but I’m pretty good the way things are.

What prayer of yours got answered recently?

Thank you for reading.

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