I started the year with everything set up in a way that I didn’t want. I ran out of money. I lost people I cared about.

I moved forward without thinking. What was on my mind was how fucked things are. I didn’t have any hope. Any self encouragement felt like I was lying to myself. I just moved forward probably because I trained my self to do that no matter what. My mind had already given up hope. I just moved forward from day to day without reason. I wanted to correct every mistake I made in the past couple of years but I couldn’t. I made the wrong move in this reality and the consequences have blown up in my face.

Despite all that..

  • I ended up gamifying my life and I realized that my stats are way better than ordinary.
  • My cooking skills have reached level six. I have mastered two desserts. Panna Cotta and Fry Pan made Rosemary Pistachio White Chocolate Chip Cookies. I can make pasta, steaks and salad. I have done so with a few items like a peeler, a chinese meat cleaver (instead of a chef's knife), a few chopping boards, a nice fry pan (which I won in a supermarket giveaway) and so on. All for under a couple of thousand bucks.
  • I made a lot of new friends. The girl who introduced me to how I met your mother. My temporary cooking test subject. The girl who taught me some skills at work and kept me accountable to my goals. I went out with my food buddy more often. I revisited watching horror and gory movies and Japanese animation with a new friend.
  • I got at least a girls number in a week without even trying. I should write about that.
  • Throughout the year I've been on roadtrips to Batangas, Tagaytay and just mostly around the Metro.
  • I got myself a low maintenance job that pays for the bills and gives me an opportunity to slowly regain my cash.
  • I stayed minimalist and didn't add more things save for a few shirts and some cooking tools.
  • I started going o the gym again.
  • I was given a new laptop.
  • A new room.
  • A new bed.
  • I lost my money several times but I recovered it.
  • I learned the allowance system to saving.
  • I learned a bit of python.
  • I finally got the basics of HTML and CSS.
  • I lost 30 lbs then regained 15 lbs of muscle. I'm still working on my shape.
  • I've done a few dozen live tutorials in my blog Call Center Training Tips.

Then some situations:

  • My younger brother graduated and now has work. We got to bond more.
  • I watched the complete walking dead, game of thrones, how I met your mother, darker than black, iron chef, jamies 30 minute meals, suits, a world god only knows, arakawa under the bridge, attack on titan and sword art online.
  • I got invited to blog about several places for my Philippine Island Living Blog
  • I learned how to make Panna Cotta and sold it at the office and we always ran out of stock and many more.
  • and many more.
  • I got rid of one person who I know absolutely hates me. That's because we're friends again.

I ran out of money 3 times. Two of them were for stupid reasons.

I felt alone but I met a lot of awesome people and made several new friends.

I felt trapped but I’m more mobile than ever. I travel regularly and get work done.

Now I have recovered.

And I did all that while thinking I was depressed.

2013 is a great year. The next one will be even more awesome. I’d love it if you’ll be a part of it too.

Part two of this post can be found at my other blog Philippine Island Living.

Thank you for reading.

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