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No matter how important or beautiful we think anything is, we must realize that everything is temporary

When I was a kid, I used to think that I should always have enough and enough means lots of it.

Note from Present day Kevin: When I say enough, I meant resources.

At this point you would say wait, enough of what?

Lots of what?

My answer would be enough of everything from clothes, to stuff, to information, training, etc.

“Pack rat upgrade junkie!”

I call myself.

I used to think this way, most of the time and I realized that, so do most of the people I get to talk to.

I’m just a bit more anal than most people.

When I went for a minimalist lifestyle, I realized that its ok to actually have stuff.

The general rule I keep is, if I use an item regularly, I get to keep said item, but if I see a desk or a corner of my room with clutter beginning to pile up, then I should start to declutter.

I ended up disposing 90% of my stuff in the process and it was fun.

I decided to get rid of my urge to keep more stuff than I need to.

My dark side, which I also refer to as “the hoarder” asked me this question that stopped me in my tracks:

“What should I do if I need something and I don’t have it?”

My answer: Look for it.

Most of the time, the things that we really need are available.

The reality, based on my experience is that if you really need something, you’ll find it.

Instead of keeping and updating a large database of business prospects, just look for new ones and keep the ones that you like.

Although discarding sounds wasteful, keeping too much of anything weighs us down.

The weight slows us down and often distracts us, robbing us of opportunities.

The idea that we need to “keep a lot,” stems from our belief that, “there is not enough for everyone.”

Matter of fact is, “there is more than enough.”

We just feel that we don’t because we hold on too tightly on what we have even if its more of a hassle than its worth.

Try it for a day.

Try it for a week.

Just try it.

Let go.

Here’s a short list of things I’m sure you can find if you look for:

  • New prospects.
  • New clients.
  • Information about topics you need.
  • Specific clothes/accessories..
  • Inspiration.
  • New Ideas.
  • Areas of improvement.
  • Reasons to smile.
  • Blessings in your life.
  • Reasons to thank God.

Its ok to declutter and get rid of the unimportant because if you need anything you can find it.

You don’t need to worry about the possibility of getting rid of something important by mistake.

When something is important or necessary to your life, it will find itself back to you.

You can borrow or at the very worst, you can buy again.

I would suggest the cheaper alternative of course.

Lighter load leads to a smoother travel.

Don’t be afraid to let go because you can always find what you need.

Updated Friday, August 24, 2018 and a Note from present day Kevin:

I only did minor edits and formatting changes to this post.

I feel the same strong feelings that I did when I wrote this post.

This was me declaring to the world that I’m complete and I’m not dependent on anything for my existence.

After all, the more items I owned, the more of a slave I was to said items.

I’m not a “minimalist” as I’d like, even now, eight years later but I’m grateful that I’m less dependent on things that I own than I was previously.

These days I’m attempting to everything I own on my online storeso I’m optimized for travel.

It’s not always easy to let go of things.

Some attachments to objects and people are really strong.

But when I remember what I wrote here, I’m less afraid to let go.

I’ll see you on the next update.

Thank you for reading.

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