I wrote this essay a while back about leveling up your game in real life. If you play games on the computer, I figure you could relate to the lessons I will be sharing. Here goes.

High level play is exciting because there are better opportunities. I’m not much of a musician, dancer or a sports guy. I’m more of a gamer though. I’ve been playing games since I was a kid.

I played a lot of strategy games, role playing games and first person shooters. You know, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Doom, Myth, Halo and so on. I played and mastered them to a certain level.

I also download and play a lot of iOS games.

I also realized something recently. Most of the games I played had characters that level up and a lot of things I learned in these games are transferable in real life. Take Diablo for example.

You start with a character (I use the Necromancer) and your goal is to grow stronger and beat Diablo and whatever monster in the way. You start at level one and you have to manage your character well to win.

You have to add stats to your strength, dexterity, vitality and energy. You’ll also have a list of skills to master and some items to buy, pickup and maintain.

I’ve worked in sales and I realized that most strategies and techniques are transferable to a different sales job. It’s all just a matter of knowing the rules (and language) in that job.

Interestingly, the same thing applies to these games. I’ve been applying a beginner’s mind in everything I do and approach things by emptying my cup bringing in my past strategies once they’re applicable (in games and in real life).

Take care of your character

Killing Diablo and his legion of monsters is no easy task. When playing the game you need to continually ask yourself what stat or skill you need to boost to complete your strength. Is it your damage, attack speed, accuracy, life or energy.

  1. To complete the quests you need to keep your character alive. You need to move forward without taking unnecessary hits. Do you have enough life to move forward? Do you have enough potions to continue fighting?

2, You need to enough energy to use your skills. Otherwise I risk getting myself killed in the middle of a clash with the forces of darkness.

  1. You need to manage your manage your strengths. Are you strong enough? Do you hit fast enough? Do your attacks hit? Do you have enough life and energy to complete the quest?

Manage your items and money

The good items in these games are expensive. I mean really expensive.

  1. I realized that to buy awesome items, I need to hold off from buying the good items so I have enough gold to buy the great items.
  2. If I don’t buy an item, chances are I’ll pick up something (for free) as I continue playing. Its not always about gold. A lot of times what I need shows up as I continue playing.

  3. I also need to keep my inventory small so I can pick up more items in the battlefield.

Manage your tactics

I can’t always overwhelm and overpower the forces of evil. That’s their job. My job is to win despite the odds in strength and numbers.

  1. If there’s a lot of monsters, I kill them one at a time. I use hit and run tactics and take them out one by one.
  2. I try to batch my attacks. I use area effect attacks and take out as many monsters as I can with a fewer strikes whenever I can.

  3. Each monster has a weakness. Some demons are fire proof. Some are resistant to cold and lighning. Some are immune to physical attacks. Despite that each of them has a weakness.

  4. Each character (I can use) is different. They have different strengths, weakness, skills and tactics.

How is this similar to real life

I’ll leave you with some thoughts. Answer for yourself how the tactic applies in real life.

  1. I’m me and you are you. We may be similar or different. We can use each other’s tactics or use different ones. There’s also a level difference. You can’t beat Diablo at level one. You need to be at a higher level to complete that quest.

  2. How do you level up? Complete your quests and kill monsters. How do you kill monsters? Hit them until they’re dead. How do you hit them? Just attack. How do you attack? Keep playing until you are able to do so.

  3. If you can’t beat a legion hit them one by one.

  4. Get stronger (items, lessons, skills, weapons, etc.)

  5. Take care of your character. Do you have full health? Do you have full energy? If not, recharge. If yes, attack.

  6. Don’t always buy. You can pick up awesome items for free. Keep just a few items so you have more opportunities to pick up awesome items.

  7. Awesome items are expensive and not always available. That’s why its always good practice to have enough gold so you can buy it when it’s available.

  8. Don’t worry about dying, it’s just a game. You can always try again and play more intelligently. In real life, challenges sometimes feel like you’re facing giant demons but the reality is it’s not life threatening (as much as it looks like it). Just keep playing. After enough attempts you can slap any monster around. Go forth and make Diablo your bitch.

Thank you for reading.

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