Hey guys. Today is my birthday. Instead of a really long post, here’s a lesson I pondered the past week.

These lessons are not new. I feel you’ve heard these several times already, despite that, I never paid attention to them.

Since my recent misfortune in the past few weeks, these two lessons have been really useful in dealing with the frustration.

Here goes.

Don’t be distracted by the past or future.

I spend too much time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

I’ve been doing so for several years.

I got too tired of it.

I’m currently learning to put the focus on today.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus taught the disciples “The Lord’s prayer” and said “give us today our daily bread” because today is what matters.

I’ve been on the planet for thirty years and I’ve never starved.

I’m actually a little over weight.

I recall going dizzy from hunger once or twice but that was because I forgot to eat and not because I didn’t have the means to eat.

Don’t make this an excuse to do unwise things with your resources.

Do wise things with your resources.

Just don’t forget to live today.

Thank you for reading.

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