If you’re doing something that’s bad for you.

And you know it’s bad for you.

You have facts.

You have advice from people.

You understand something is bad for you.

Sometimes you even say that that specific activity is bad for you.

Then you, my friend.

Have mental illness.

There’s no other way to frame it.

Something is bad for you.

And you’re still doing it.

You’re fully aware that it’s bad for you and you’re doing it anyway.

You are going against your natural survival instincts.

You are going agaings the accummulated knowledge of the human race that have kept us alive for thousands of years.

What else do you call that?

Are you being manipulated?

That’s mental illness.

You need to get that checked.

If you are…

  • smoking
  • eating junk food
  • eating an obscene amount of carbs and sugar
  • not saving money
  • spending more than you earn.
  • not getting enough sleep.

You probably have mental illness.

Thank you for reading.

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