You don’t need a million dollars to live the millionaire lifestyle that you fantasize about.

I first encountered the thought in 2009.

I worked in a minimum wage job and was trying to supplement my income by selling various products.

Shortly after, I dropped all my efforts in entrepreneurship and sales-related activities.

Instead, I focused on asking myself the question, “what do I want?”

What will make me happy?

I asked myself.

The image of a fancy house, flashy car, and enviable vacations flooded my mind.

Those images were branded into my head from the goal-setting sessions and sales meetings.

I wanted an iPhone and a nice Apple computer.

I’m fascinated, and I wanted to own one.

A few years later, my friend told me she was leaving the country. She asked me if I wanted to buy her old iPhone and iPod touch for ₱6,000.

I said, yes.

I hit two of my goals.

The next year, my friend told me that his roommate got a new Macbook and was selling his old one.

I bought it.

I got my Macbook Pro for ₱14,000.

I was extremely happy.

I kept asking myself what would make me happy.

I really enjoyed seeing my friends every few weeks.

I enjoyed paying for food and booze.

I liked reading fiction and watching movies and TV shows.

When I got my credit card, I bought a bunch of books and online courses.

I enjoyed traveling, but not the expensive kind.

I just wanted to take a bus to a province and see friends for a couple of days.

I’m not really aiming for more.

In 2013, I worked for a BPO and was looking at the goals that I’ve written down.

I asked myself if that was it.

I’ve always envied people who could cook.

So, I started learning how to cook.

I bought an online class and a bunch of cookbooks with my credit card.

I occasionally bought a course about something work-related.

I wanted a better-looking body.

I started going to the gym.

My friends invited me to an out of town road trip via bike.

I bought a bike for that trip, and eventually, that bike became my primary form of transportation.

I bought a bunch of books, writing supplies, and anime figures, but now I’m done.

In 2020, I left our family home.

I’m renting a small apartment.

I bought a washing machine and a fridge.

I dropped the fantasy of retiring young and rich.

I have a boring job.

I sell boring products and services.

I have enough free time to write.

I have the opportunity to exercise everyday.

The only thing missing from my millionaire fantasy is martial arts classes, but I suspect that’s under ₱5,000 a month.

Why do you feel you want to be a millionaire?

Have you spent some time to ask yourself how much that dream lifestyle of yours really costs?

Thank you for reading.

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